Salt-Free Water Conditioners in

Salt-Free Water Conditioners in the Great Lakes

Want the Benefits of Conditioned Water…Without the Salt?

Then our new salt-free water conditioner might be for you! Our salt-free conditioners provide an easy and environmentally friendly way to keep your home cleaner, more easily.

Benefits of Our Brand-New Salt-Free Conditioner

  • Reduces scale formation so you can keep your home cleaner, easier
  • No lifting or buying heavy bags of salt
  • Makes “water spots” non-adhesive and easier to clean
  • Easy, low-maintenance way to clean hard water spots & stains
  • Non-electric, environmentally friendly solution
  • Zero water waste involved!
  • Allows beneficial minerals to remain in your drinking water

This Test Shows the Descaling Effect In Action

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Salt-Free Water Conditioners

What’s the difference between a salt-free conditioner and a normal water softener? Because a salt-free conditioner does not remove hardness from water, it does not offer all the benefits of a Culligan water softener. A salt-free conditioner doesn’t remove minerals from your water. Instead, it alters their form so that the minerals are less likely to adhere to surfaces–making it easier to keep a clean home! What about magnetic water filtration? Is that the same as a salt-free conditioner? No! In fact, studies have shown that magnetic water treatment devices have no effect on water. Here are a few examples:

Will this salt-free conditioner give my water that “soft water” feel? Some people dislike the feeling of soft water. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck! Our salt-free conditioner will NOT change the feel of your water. How do I know if a salt-free conditioner is the right choice for me? Your best bet is to contact us. One of our friendly water treatment technicians can go over your questions and help you find the best system for your needs. We’ll even come out to your home at a time that’s convenient for you and perform a free, no-obligation water test. This test will reveal how much hardness is in your water–helping you to make the most informed decision possible. Don’t delay; contact your local Culligan Man today!