Water Chlorination in the Culligan Great Lakes Area

We hear from a lot of concerned Culligan Great Lakes residents who are worried about chlorine in their drinking water. So we put together this page to give a little information on what chlorine is, what its effects are, and what you can do to remove it and get better drinking water.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is the #1 most common disinfectant used by water treatment plants. Almost 98% of water is treated with chlorine or chloramines.

And it does have some uses. For one thing, as a disinfectant it helps prevent the spread of waterborne diseases while it's traveling through pipes to reach your home.

But once it reaches your home where it's used--either in drinking water, in appliance, as shower water, etc.--it suddenly becomes a less attractive chemical to have in your water.

What are the effects of chlorine?

Long-term use of chlorinated water can have some negative consequences. For one thing, it has a drying effect on skin & hair that can increase dandruff, exacerbate hair loss, cause hair dye to fade, and lead to dry and brittle hair.

It has the same drying effect on your clothing, too. Washing with chlorinated water will make your clothes fade faster.

Because chlorine is a strong oxidant, it can also cause problems with certain water-using appliances that can ultimately lead to leaks or even expensive repairs.

And while the health effects of chlorinated water are still not fully understood, some doctors believe it can significantly increase your risk for serious conditions like cancer.

How can you remove the chlorine from your water?

Fortunately, chlorine can be removed from your water with the right filtration system.

And unlike simple "pitcher filters," a good filtration system can remove the chlorine from your entire house--so you won't be showering in it or washing your clothes in it.

If you're curious about improving your home's water by filtering out the chlorine, we'd be happy to come do a quick water test in your home. This way you can actually find out, for sure, if your chlorine levels are a problem.

The water test is free and carries no obligation. Just fill out a form or give us a call to schedule it.

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john tolbert
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Ananda Dharma
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