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Test & purify the air your family breathes in every day!

Here at Culligan, we talk a lot about how critical it is to drink clean, filtered water. But as important as water is, there’s something else that might be even MORE essential to your family’s health…

The air you breathe!

Most people never stop to think about it, but the air you breathe has a BIG effect on your body–and not all air is created equal.

If your home has poor air quality, it could lead to short-term effects like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and eye/nose/throat irritation…and potentially, even long-term effects like respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer.

In fact, the EPA lists indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to our health!

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

Many things can contribute to poor air, including…
  • Germs & micro-organisms
  • Dust mites & other allergens
  • Combustion appliances
  • Tobacco
  • Building materials like asbestos (even certain types of carpet or wood products)
  • Household cleaning products
  • Central heating/cooling systems
  • Too much moisture
  • Outdoor pollution making its way into your home (radon, pesticides, etc.)

Luckily, there’s something you can do to improve the air quality in your home for yourself and your family.

The HealthWay Deluxe Air Cleaner from Culligan

HealthWay Deluxe Air Purifier With DFS Technology

We’re proud to offer this new unit to complement our water treatment systems.

This air purifier’s advanced disinfecting air filtration system with a 360-degree air intake removes all 3 of the most common air pollutants. And with its 7-stage VOC prefilter, it removes harmful gases & chemicals as well as larger particles like dust.

And as a bonus, it also removes odors…so your home will naturally smell cleaner and fresher!

The main filter in the unit removes more than 99.99% of particulates, making it 4 times stronger than HEPA filters.

Its patented DFS technology even captures 94-100% of viruses, bacteria, and mold…helping to keep your home a cleaner, safer place for you and your family.

Shown To Remove Up To 99.99% of Airborne Viruses

We tested our unit’s DFS technology on Bacteriophage Phi6, a virus that’s similar in size and composition to flus and coronaviruses.

Results showed a 99.99% virus reduction within 10 minutes.

We haven’t been able to test the unit on COVID-19 directly, because the virus has not been available to test. It can take more than a year to get a viral claim approved by a regulatory agency.

That’s why we chose to test against a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2–a much smaller virus that is even harder to kill than COVID-19.

Results showed a 99.987% virus reduction within 10 minutes, with 100% elimination after 45 minutes.

It will be some time before anyone is able to get a COVID-19 viral claim approved. But in the meantime, there’s strong evidence to believe that the Healthway Deluxe Air Cleaner from Culligan is capable of removing a wide range of airborne viruses within 10 minutes.

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If you’re interested in improving your home’s air quality, we recommend getting started with a 100% free air quality test to find out if you really need a powerful unit like the HealthyWay Deluxe.

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What Culligan Customers in Your Area Are Saying...

"We have had our Culligan system for 2 years now and we LOVE it! We decided to go with the drinking water system and the double water softener/ filtration systems and everything they tell you it will do, it really does! I have no hard water stains, softer skin and use very little soap when washing clothes! Culligan of Columbus are great people to work with too! We are definitely happy with our system!"
Pamela Hahn
Culligan of Columbus Customer
"I have been a Culligan customer for about 15 years and I just love clean water. I use the Reverse Osmosis system with regular and lead filters for crystal clean water. I never have to worry about dirty water or lead like some communities do. I am a BIG water drinker and just love Culligan's water. Culligan only change the filters once a year and that is it. I am a true Culligan customer because in this day and time it is one less thing I have to worry about in my life. Life is better with clean water. "
Judy Saunders
Culligan of Greater Cleveland Customer
"During these uncertain times, the hard working folks at Culligan went out of their way and above and beyond for our family. They have always been extremely friendly, helpful, and ready to deliver as promised on time, every time. Thank you so much."
TJ Suda
Culligan of Ann Arbor/Detroit Customer